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Research and design

Research & Design

New product and configuration brings difficulties for manufacturers today as the market presents a wide assortment of AC power grids. The flucturation of the power and voltage is also a consern at many locations. Pacific's AC power sources permit architects to plan for these conditions.

Pacific Power Source (PPS) provides a wide variety of AC Power Source solutions for today’s commercial, industrial, research and design laboratories. Pacific Power Source’s AC power solutions enable you to design and test your product’s AC power specifications. Whether you need a stable AC power test bed or you want to see how your product reacts to simulated harmonics conducted on the AC power line, one of Pacific’s AC Power Sources could work for you.

The beginnings of CINERGIA's establishing group is in an innovative work place in the college so we comprehend the particular needs of Academic and Research applications.

Notwithstanding our standard index of items we can adjust them to fit the specific prerequisites these applications.

Innovative work of control systems of intensity hardware or force gadgets is one significant field in colleges as well as in modern R&D divisions. Fast Control Prototyping permits a decrease of improvement time by testing control calculations on a constant control framework associated, through real I/O signals, to the equipment under test.

CINERGIA offers the chance of utilizing our equipment stage for Rapid Control Prototyping applications by supplanting our standard control framework by a variation board with two principle purposes. Right off the bat, it will adjust precisely and electrically the I/O signals from the continuous framework to the I/O signs and connectors of our regenerative equipment stage. Also, the equipment will act naturally ensured by a DSP in the variation board that will peruse the voltage, current and temperature estimations and stop the PWM signals when a breaking point is reached.