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The electricity grid is in a transformation process that will affect the production, storage, consumption and commercialization of energy. Smartgrids need power electronics and ICT to manage energy flows and ensure the quality and continuity of the electricity supply. This will allow us to know in real time the consumption and thus learn about our consumption habits, how to improve the efficiency of the grid and how to contribute to the energy saving.

We are committed with this transformation, offering a range of products that allow you to emulate the grid of the future and to carry out tests on the different elements that will be part of it.

AC Electronic loads (EL+) are full-4Q regenerative and bidirectional current sources that will simulate not only the electrical behaviour loads (linear and non-linear, a house, a building, an electrical car, ...) but also the electrical behaviour of grid-tied generators (Solar, Wind, CHP, Waves, Gas, Diesel, etc...) and storage systems (Batteries, Fuel Cells, Flywheel, etc...). All these by means of generation and consumption profiles that will be launched from the software or by interfacing a real time simulation system.

DC Electronic Loads (B2C+) are bidirectional and regenerative devices that will simulate DC sources and loads. By means of software options, they can also be used to emulate batteries and PV Panels. Thanks to its power amplifier functionality, the B2C+ can be connected to real time simulation systems and the user will be able to create and test its own models.

Grid Simulator (GE+) is CINERGIA’s full-4Q regenerative voltage source and will create stable worldwide grids to supply the microgrid under test. The unit allows the generation of grid perturbances useful to test and research on grid voltage/fault support, synchronisation of Voltage Source Converters, etc...

Where simultaneity is not needed, the most flexible and cost-effective choice will be our All-in-One (GE/EL+) solutions, that combine AC, DC, voltage source and current source in a single cabinet.