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Alternative Energy & Electric Vehicle Testing Solutions

Pacific Power Source & Cinergia is firmly committed to supporting development and manufacturing of renewable alternative energy sources and partners with a number of alternative energy companies to further this important technology..

Mobility is one of the main challenges of the 21st century. Environmental concern is driving a growing demand for more efficient and clean means of transportation. The advances in the field of electromobility are mostly linked to the development of battery technology and power electronics for charging, discharging and driving the electrical motors.

CINERGIA has thorough experience in providing solutions for R&D, Functional and End of Line test in this field.

Off-board EV Charger

Fast chargers are supplied from the AC grid and produce a high-power AC or DC output. Our Grid Simulator (GE+) can be used to provide stable and clean voltages as well as generate worldwide grids. When needed, the Grid Simulator will create disturbances following IEC 61000-4/11/13/14/28 standards. Our Electronic Load will emulate the electrical behaviour of an EV both in AC (EL+) or in DC (B2C+) for testing the output of a charger or an active charging cable. When simultaneity is not needed, the combined All-in-one products (AC/DC, GE/EL) will offer the most cost-effective solution.

On-Board Charger (OBC)

These chargers are connected to the grid directly or through an active cable and produce a low to mid power DC output.

The Grid Simulator is the perfect fit to test the AC side of the charger in stable conditions and under disturbances, as described above. The DC side will be tested using our DC Electronic Loads (B2C+) which include a software option to emulate the electrical behaviour of a battery.

Battery Pack testing

B2C+ (DC Bidirectional Converter) is CINERGIA unit specially designed to test battery packs. Through software, advanced tests can be configured and automated for charging, discharging, cycling, ageing and characterizing.

Pickering Interfaces Understands Automotive Testing Challenges ang have Tailored Testing for Evolving EV

Simulate ECU reaction

With the products from Pickering for (HIL) Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation we can simulate an ECU's reaction to external fault conditions such as a broken wire or a faulty temperature sensor, giving you the power to thoroughly test the ECU in a virtual environment before proceeding to production level testing. Using our Fault Insertion switch modules, all possible electrical short and open circuits are simulated, erroneous sensor data is applied, and the ECU reaction is captured to see if the design works as defined.

Pickerings HILS products include:
  • Modular Breakout Systems
  • Fault Insertion Unit Switching
  • Programmable Resistors for sensor emulation
Strain Gauge simulation

Sensor and Strain Gauge Simulationfrom Pickering provides the ability to simulate the resistive nature of many environmental sensors in the engine compartment and vehicle cabin is essential for EMU and Body Controller test. When testing ECUs that control airbags, being able to simulate vehicle accelerometers allows the test to verify if the squibs will fire correctly. Pickering has the most extensive range of programmable resistor solutions, in both PXI and PCI formats.

Test of BMS ( Electric Vehicle Battery Management Systems)

At Pickering we have modules for BMS test. With the increasing adoption of electric propulsion systems in road vehicles, one of the significant challenges to be tackled is the effective testing of the Battery Management Systems (BMS). To facilitate BMS testing, our PXI/PXIe multi-cell battery emulator range (model 41/43-752)is ideal for battery stack emulation with the advantage of a modular and scalable platform. These modules enable direct voltage and current readback programmatically or using our soft panel control. Combine these modules with Pickering switch and simulation modules to make a flexible PXI-based BMS test system, including temperature measurement, fault insertion, RTD simulation, and more.

Environmental Testing of DUT’s

Pickerings provide solutions for environmental testing of multiple DUT’s. Our BRIC high-density switching matrices can provide over 6144 cross-points in eight PXI slots, ranging in sizes from 4 to 32 rows and 10 to 1104 columns. The BRIC’s IVI-compliant drivers make it a simple task to integrate into software packages such as our Switch Path Manager signal routing software and National Instruments’ Switch Executive. In addition, our line of solid-state multiplexers and matrices have virtually infinite switch life, making them ideal for extremely long environmental testing. If you prefer an LXI (Ethernet) or USB interface, over 1,000 of our PXI modules (including the BRIC matrices) can be used in our LXI modular chassis. We also offer our high-density LXI matrices (60-55X family and 65-22x family), which have the same functionality as the BRICs and can be operated via an Ethernet connection.

Signal conditioning

Pickering high voltage amplifiers (model 41-650) feature multi-channel, gain selectable amplifiers that work with many instruments, including our function generator (model 41-620). Also, Pickerings high-voltage attenuator (model 41-660) features selectable input ranges that accept up to 600-volt waveforms.

Testing charging stations with technology from ZERA

On-site testing of EV charging stations.

With the help of ZERA’s modern measurement technology, you can test your charging station! We offer testing solutions for the metrological testing of charging stations on-site – testing for the correctness of the measurement accuracy. These are tests that have to take place repeately, e.g. when the calibration period of the charging station has to be extended or maintenance has been carried out on the charging station. Beyond the portable EMOB test cases ZERA offer stationary systems for testing AC charging stations and testing DC charging stations (high power charger) for manufacturer or provider of charging stations. These special test systems can be used within the scope of the quality assurance or for calibration in order to guarantee a high accuracy of the charging station.

The compact solution is easily stowable and easy to handle. You can quickly and easily perform direct measurements on your vehicle and the charging station. This measurement solution ensure that your charging stations are billing in compliance with calibration laws.